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We make Travel Toys that you can pop in your bag and go, unique kids t-shirts that are fun, and other hand crafted designs for kids.

Popsy Design toys, t-shirts and games come in various fabrics, materials and colours to suit your child's personality so you'll always find the right match for your special person.

All Popsy Design toyst-shirts and games come with free postage within Australia!

Popsy Design at the Mummy Tree Markets at Morningside - Sept 2014

Travelling?....Keep your kids occupied with Popsy Travel Toys...

As a busy mum, I started Popsy Design to make toys and games that are can not only amuse and entertain children but also provide practical benefits for their minds and their developing bodies. A great example is one of our best selling toys, the Popsy Chalk Scroll, as it gives children a creative outlet to draw and use their imagination whilst keeping them occupied.

While you are travelling, taking a long flight, or just wanting to take a well deserved rest at the cafe, our fun toys and games will not only provide entertainment for your child but are made to fit into your handbag so they are always on hand when you need them.

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